08/04 Maintenance Notice

■Main Story Samael Episode Part 3 First Half Added!

Samael Episode Part 3 First Half Available!
・New SRμ Djinn 「Childhood Balam」 Available!

Available: 2021/08/04 ~ 2021/15/04 00:00

「Childhood Balam」 has a new skill that does 2 hits of both physical and light element damage to the enemy.
Holy Arrow also lowers MP cost by 25% for 18 seconds and has a LB Skill!
※「Childhood Balam」 Is unavailable in shop.
※SRμ have lower stats than SR but also costs less allowing to more efficiently build teams.
※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
※When performing a 10-roll SRμ Pickup Banner, you will receive 10 μ coins and one Special Summon Offering.
※μ coins can be used in Djinn Enhancement Support Shop. Djinn Enhancement Support Shop is sometimes updated in events.
※There is no deadline for μ coins as of now.

Paid Skill Transmutation

Available: 2021/08/04 ~ 2021/15/04 00:00

※Only paid diamonds can be used.
※Limited to 3 10-rolls.
※3 All-purpose Skillbook and a Special Summon Offering will be rewarded for doing a 10-roll.
※Please chec in game 「Rate Overview」 for additional info.
・New Event Bingo!

Available: 2021/08/04 ~ 2021/15/04 00:00

「Bingo Mission」 will allow players to clear new missions and receive rewards. Players will receive extra rewards upon clearing corresponding missions until a line is made!
There are 3 difficulties, EASY, NORMAL, HARD
※Skipped raids will not be counted.
Tower Rerun!

Available: 2021/08/04 ~ 2021/15/04 00:00

■AP Half Price

Available: 2021/08/04 ~ 2021/15/04 00:00

※Be careful of AP hardcap, any wasted AP will not be reimbursed.
New Packs Available

Available Packs
Available: 2021/08/04 ~ 2021/15/04 00:00

1-in-7 Selector Pack・Purple
Sakura SRμ 7 PU Pack
Limit Break Value Pack