22/04 Maintenance Notice

Samael Part 3 Complete!

Samael Episode 2nd half added!
■Vassago Sub Story Added!

Vassago Sub Story added!
 ※Vassago Phantom Raid also added.
Unlocked after completing Samael Part 3 Chapter 8.

■Angel Descends!

[Uriel Available]
Available:2021/22/04 ~ 2021/12/05 23:59

「Uriel」 is a staff proficient djinn that can supports the team with a lot of healing. She also allows the team to regenerate rapidly and has a skill that heals based on % hp.

「Chain Heal」 LB 「Speaker to the Stars」 will do 5-hits of light element damage to the enemy and heal party at the same time.
「Uriel」 is a 「SSR」 djinn with 4 open skill slots.
「Uriel」 can be summoned in banner 「Uriel Summon」.

・Uriel can only be summoned by Special Summon Offering.
・Special Summon Offering can be obtained by doing 10-rolls or purchased in shop.
・Special Summon Banner can only be done 5 at a time, needing 5 Special Summon Offerings.

 ※「Uriel」 is a rearguard.
 ※Rates are rounded and may not add up to 100%, please consult Rate Overview in game.
※SSR Banners will change, she may rerun in the future.
※Uriel’s Exclusive Equipment and items for SSR Djinn Intimacy will be added in the future.

  ※Mages can try her out in trials.
 ※Details displayed shows her at highest level but does not include limit break.
Weapon Specialty Summon

Available:2021/22/04 ~ 2021/28/04 23:59
2x intimacy shards for duped SR Djinns!
 Limited time banner that allows you to choose what kind of djinns you want.
 ※Vanguard SR Pickup only contains Vanguard SR.
 ※Rearguard SR Pickup only contains Rearguard SR.
 ※Physical Attack SR Pickup only contain djinns that use: Scythe, Hammer, Fist, Bow, Greatsword, Dualsword.
 ※Magic Attack SR Pickup only contains djinns that use: Grimoire and Orbs.
 ※All current N/R djinns are included in the summon pool.
 ※SRμ Djinns are not included.
 ※Please consult「Rate Overview」 in-game.
 ※After doing a 10-roll summon, you will receive a High Rank Equipment Transmutation Stone and a Special Summon Offering.
■Treasure Vault

Available:2021/22/04 ~ 2021/28/04 23:59

Challenge bosses within the treasure vault to receive items to upgrade Goddesses!
Treasure Vaults can be reset at any time, and when done, a Treasure Vault AP will be consumed and players will start at the beginning.
 ※There are 10 floors this treasure vault
 ※Treasure Vault does not reset automatically

Treasure Vault AP is required to challenge the vault.
「Treasure Vault AP」 are rewarded in limited missions.

※3 Vault AP can be received through events daily.
※「Treasure Vault AP」 will be consumed when pressing the  「Reset」 button.
※Treasure Vault has entrance conditions.
※「Treasure Vault AP」cannot be saved till next time.
1-in-7 Selector Pack・Purple
Flower Value Pack
Limit Break Value Pack
Goddess War Value Pack
Uriel Value Pack