24/06 Maintenance Notice

・New SRμ Djinn 「Blessed Love Gremory」 Available!

[SRμ Pickup]
Available 2021/24/06 2021/01/07 00:00

「Blessed Love Gremory」 limited rates 5.4%
「Blessed Love Gremory」 is a djinn that uses Scythe.
Hell Falx is a new skill that does 30% of self maximum health in return for doing 3 hit  high damage physical attacks.「

「Hell Falx」 LB 「Void Slash」 does 4 hits of wind damage.

Blessed Love Gremory also has a limited time glyph trait!
Trait Available 2021/24/06 2021/01/07 00:00

※Glyph traits increase glyph fragment drop.
※「Gremory」 does not have glyph trait.
※SRμ Djinn Intimacy Lv「Lv9」、「Lv18」 will lower cost
※SRμ have lower stats than SR but also costs less allowing to more efficiently build teams.
※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
※When performing a 10-roll SRμ Pickup Banner, you will receive 10 μ coins and one High Rank Equipment Transmutation stone, 100 Proof of Trust.
※μ coins can be used in Djinn Enhancement Support Shop. Djinn Enhancement Support Shop is sometimes updated in events.
※Currently μ coins do not have a deadline for use.

■Intimacy Shard UP!Faction Pickup!

During event time, you will be able to receive 2 times the intimacy shards!
[Samael Faction]
[Beelzebub Faction]
Available Time: 2021/24/06 after maintenance 2021/28/06 11:59 PST

[Azazel Faction]
[Satanael Faction]
Available Time: 2021/28/06  00:00 2021/01/07 11:59 PST

Will receive rewards for doing 10 times summon too!
 ※Faction summons can be done a total of 3 times.
 ※Samael Faction summon will only have Samael Faction Djinn.
 ※Beelzebub Faction summon will only have Beelzebub Faction Djinn.
 ※Azazel Faction summon will only have Azazel Faction Djinn.
 ※Satanael Faction summon will only have Satanael Faction Djinn.
 ※SRμ  Djinns are not included.
 ※Displayed rates are rounded and may not always add up to 100%
 ※Since the amount of SR Djinn is less, the individual rates of each djinn will differ from normal.
 ※Only SR djinn will receive the 2x bonus for intimacy shards, N and R are not included.
 ※100“Proof of Trust” will also be rewarded as an event reward in addition to any other rewards.
■Daily Summon

Available 2021/24/06 2021/01/07 00:00
■Dark World Summon!

Available 2021/24/06 ~ 2021/08/07
Behemoth and Leviathan Rerun!
1 week limited Behemoth and Leviathan rate 2.5%! Summon can be done with 1 Special Summon Offering as opposed to 5!
Summon will return to normal after 2021/01/07 00:00
SSR Behemoth and Leviathan come with 4 skill slots opened.
Special Summon Offering is needed to summon for SSR characters.
・Prefest Event 「Last Gift for his Love」 2nd Half!

Available 2021/24/06 2021/01/07 00:00

・Otherworld Gate is available for event.
・Thorn Apple Fairy can be found in event. Defeating thorn apple fairy will reward players with proof of trust that can be used to trade for event materials.

On home page, there is a Gift page on the top left side of page. There you can give various characters proof of trust and they will have different lines and give you gifts.
Voting guide is available here: https://goex.funmily.com/notice/?id=42304
Using Ocean Charm will increase proof of trust drop rate.
※Using Celebration Charm will have trait in raid!
※Only 1 unit needs to have the equipment to gain trait buff.
※Using Otherworld Orb (Pure) is needed to host raid, other participants need orb coins to join.
※NPC will not activate traits.
※Ocean Charm needs to be Lv8 to activate trait.
※Daily missions are not included into daily challenge.
※Daily mission is reset at 0400 every day.
Event enemies will have directory rewards.
※Only available during the duration of event.
Weekend Drop Bonus Available

「Select Phantoms and Phantom Beats drop rate x1.5 on Saturday
Missions marked with 「DropUp!」 will have increased drops!
※Does not apply to missions without 「DropUp!」marker
※2021/26/06 00:00 23:59

・「Select Free Quest x1.5 Drop」!
Missions marked with 「DropUp!」 will have increased drops!
※Does not apply to missions without 「DropUp!」marker
※2021/27/065 00:00 23:59